Sunday, 31 July 2016

Ingeniuous - a board game for singles

Board games are fun. Unfortunately you need friends to play with. It's a bit unfair, right?
I do own a few board games, but most of them I have never played. Since I moved away from home, there's just no one to play with.

But there is at least one game you can play by yourself. It's called "Einfach Genial" in German (Ingenious or Mensa Connections in English).

I own a small travelling version, you can play with one or two players. The normal version can be played with up to four people. So you can both play it alone AND with friends.

So how does it work?
You randomly draw a double-hexagon tile and put it on the board. The tile has two symbols on it. You count the number of the same symbol in straight lines on each of the sides next to the first symbol. You do the same for the other symbol. In this way you collect points for each of the six different symbols. The game ends when no more tiles can be places (this can happen sooner or later, depending on how the tiles are placed).
Now there's a little twist: not the biggest number of points wins. With several players the lowest number of points are compared. So you need to be a little strategic and try to achive a balance between all of your symbols.


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