Monday, 13 March 2017

Black Dog barking, Part 2

So today I was at my Doctors again. I spent over two hours in the waiting room.
Actually I was still feeling ill with a cold and wasn't at work today and as such needed another sick certificate.
But of course my doctor talked about the results of the blood test. I guess if I wouldn't have felt ill, I'd have just left it at that test for a while and wouldn't have talked to him about it...

Most of the results are OK, vitamin B12 levels a little low - but no explanation for me feeling depressed.
In the end I walked out with one more week sick leave and a recipe for antidepressants. He said that it's better not to be at work when starting these kind of meds.

I didn't want to be off work for another whole week. The week after this I have a few days off (a short trip to Italy with my parents), so I'll only be at work for three days before leaving again.

On my way home I felt really bad about this. Nearly two weeks away from work and then three weeks to do all the work and then a couple of days off again?
I felt guilty. Unsure.
Then again, the doctor said he'd recommend it, so it's probably for the best. Right?
Then the next worry: I can't cook, I usually have my main meal at the work cantina. How am I going to get through a whole week (and the next weekend)?
When I told my mother, she was worried for yet another reason: if I'm not at work, she's afraid I'll stay inside, talk to no one (which isn't that unlikely) and be more miserable. So I guess I'll try to get out a lot (when my headache gets better).

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